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The revolutionary Omega Manufacture in Bienne - What am i saying?On November 2nd, we joined the inauguration with the new Omega production facility in Bienne. The ceremony was done by Nick Hayek (Swatch Group CEO), Raynald Aeschlimann (Omega CEO), replica watches Johann Schneider-Ammann (Head of Switzerland's Federal Department of monetary Affairs) and the architect on the beautiful building, Shigeru Ban. Besides that, the Omega employees that actually work inside the new manufacture also had a big role during the ceremony. A pleasant visual effect was made by operating the shutters and all employees waved us (press) a hot welcome.Through the ceremony, most of the talking was in French and German, but our colleagues of WatchTime published the transcript here in case you're interested.Aeschlimann, Hayek and Schneider-AmmannThe new Omega manufactureStorage systemIn the modern manufacture, you will find the T2, T3 and T4 steps. Meaning T2 = assembly of the watch, T3 = adding bracelets and T4 = packaging and shipping. The revolutionary building even offers stock plus the logistics processes. Within this building Omega will conserve the training in their employees. We received an excursion within the new building, witnessing the new workstations, the T2/T3 and T4 steps with an explanation of the new and impressive fully automated storage system inside the building. This 'jukebox' because of the parts is approximately 3 floors high and possesses over 30.000 boxes filled with stock (watch and bracelet parts). The robot / picker moves with an impressive speed of four years old meters per second, to decide on a box and deliver it to the control room where they generally do the further distribution of parts. Using one on the floors, additionally, there is a workplace to the METAS staff, to guarantee the standards are met before getting the 'Master Chronometer' certification.During our visit, replica jumbo breitling watch in addition we were built with a brief discuss with Raynald Aeschlimann regarding the new Omega manufacture. We asked him if the new Omega manufacture would also mean a greater production number. The present manufacture of Omega is between 600.000 and 700.000 pieces annually. As outlined by Aeschlimann "There is no increased production number, just shorter times between steps as it is all totally now in one place. We moved from many different facilities to this one through Bienne.". We also asked him wether the modern Omega manufacture in Bienne should have impact on some time to market (should you have a Speedy Tuesday watch on order, you know what we're also talking about). "Yes, but we still need a certain amount of days to produce the watch, receive the watch through the Master Chronometer certification. So yes, it has an relation to the delivery of replica watches, but this 's all rather relative.". Having visited the modern Omega manufacture, it became clear how the new production & assembly lines also mean a efficient method of testing and assembling replica watches. We also seen that during QC procedures, it's going to certainly be quicker to have just one watch going back within the production line rather then a full batch of 10 (which had been the way it is, because trays with the production line contains 10 watch heads each). Across the trail (Rue Jakob-St mpfli in Bienne) replica rolex boxes watches , you will find the famous Omega museum. A vintage building that have several functions in the past, including as being a daycare for young children. Now, it's really a museum (as well as the archives are here as well) and company restaurant. A new museum is rising, just around the corner with the main Omega buildings (the current people that are being utilized for staff and management originates from the 1950s, where another part originates from the 1960s, these are typically all linked with the brand new Omega manufacture). This building is going to be revamped in the new museum. We asked Raynald Aeschlimann in the event it means that prepare yourself for some more (vintage) replica watches for us to admire. "Partly. You'll encounter more replica watches inside the new museum, but we all strive to be able to perform something on the [watchmaking] education level of visitors. You will see.". The revolutionary museum will open pick up, we keep you posted. The new Omega building is rather impressive and hyper modern. The dwelling with the building can be just as impressive as what exactly is inside though. Architect Shigeru Ban informs us this is one of the largest building on this planet which has a wooden structure. The combination of wood, concrete and glass looks amazing plus the light within the new Omega manufacture is beautiful. The Omega employees inside (who are ALL wearing Omega replica watches furthermore) the brand new factory use the modern equipment, like touch panels (iPad like) with instructions along with the watchmaking & assembly tools seem like a tool-rack in the modern dentist practice.The aim of Omega should be to reach the variety of 500,000 Master Chronometer replica watches soon, merely to expand it in an even higher number next.More information on Omega's new building, simply click here. Aeschlimann, Hayek and Storage system replica accurist ladies watches
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